Brokeback Mountain Movie, When Love Won’t Count

After a number of months hearing once and again a ton of good comments about Brokeback Mountain movie I finally had the opportunity to watch this movie in the theaters. I know I’m kind of late, even Oscars have passed, but it took sometime for the film to arrive in my town.

Curious sensation what I felt when the movie started playing, after hearing so many comments about the film I was at the point where I already knew, at least หนังฟรี. from the morbid side, what the story was about and who was whom on the screen. At least that’s what I thought.

It all starts in the distance; one truck passing by the inclines and then we find one child outside an office that seems to be distant from everything. Then our second character arrives almost pushing his old black truck. It is now that we realize what they are looking for… they need a job.

They are hired to take care of lambs in the hills of Wyoming, they will spend summer months together in the hills, they will live and work alongside during all those days. As they arrive to their destination, del Marly, feeling more confident, releases a few words from his mouth and starts talking a bit more and showing some signals of compassion to his buddy. He is a difficult child with a genealogy and family history with similarity of a nightmare from one of those Dickens stories. No one suspects anything out of normal is going on in the story. Days seem to be passing without any great unique.

But something new happens, something out of the regular tasks of those business days and nights at “Brokeback Mountain”. Something has been introduced between the two men, it is like a storm coming from no place that has entered their lives and that will mark them forever. It seems to be just a passionate episode of the depressed at the beginning, a dream that none will ever know. But reality dictates something different, what just happened, will continue happening once and again, they are attached forever by a force that makes or bends the will of anyone; something organic beef call, love.

Summer is over and both men must go back to their industrys away from the mountain, to their previous lives, but included in a secret place they know those lives exist no more. They’ve been confronted with their most inner reality and it won’t go away.

They will get married to spouse and attempt to pursue a normal life just to realize they are being a pair of fakes. They don’t belong to that traditional society, they find yourself only to one another since those day in the hills. They finally decide and meet again outside del Mar’s home, an undesirable second floor apartment. He has never had much luck in life since childhood and it generally seems to accentuate everyday, now even his wife knows about his preferences. We are more likely to conclude his only luck and fortune in life is what he feels for Jack, his fishing buddy.

Things go wrong at del Mar’s home, marriage brakes and he is left alone fighting for life in a society that would stone him to death if they only knew. But there are bright moments too, and those happen at Brokeback where he regularly meets Jack who travels from distant Tx to meet the only love he’s known.

By the end of the story there have been conflicts coming up between the partners; too much distance and just a tight distance can not improve any regards. They have just had a bad encounter in their paradise, they part away with the promise of meeting again and fix so what can be fixed when suddenly the story takes us to a scene where del Marly receives the notice of Jack’s death in a cold post card with letters that say dead. Everything indicates he’s been murdered, he was caught by those who won’t allow others happen. And now Ennis del Marly has been left aside from society, regarding his love permanently desiring Jack and a daughter that will get married soon and who doesn’t know his dad is a loner for a reason; and love won’t count.

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