Forex Trade – Advantages and Disadvantages of the Forex Trading Business

Like any other work or business forex trade has both its advantages and forex trading platforms disadvantages. Both must be given due consideration before venturing into the trade of forex.

A brief summary of the advantages of this business is stated below.

A big fortune is not a must to start with:

The business may be initiated with either a big amount of money or a smaller amount. The minimum initial capital for most of the forex trade is 100,000 unit of any currency and the amount is referred to as a standard lot. Although by searching the internet one may find out those firms which facilitate on smaller lots than the standard lot. Such trading facilities are termed as mini forex trading and are of advantage to the people who does not have a large capital but would like to venture into the forex trade.Thus the business is not restricted only to the great capitalist; even a man with limited amount of money can try its hand at it.

The trade is global in nature and can be carried out irrespective of time and place:

Currency is global in essence so the jurisdiction of forex trade is very vast. The trader may pick and chose the pair of currency with which he desires to deal depending upon his own knowledge about their worth and the changes about to occur in their respective market scenario. All of the world’s free currencies may be taken into account for business. Forex trade has an enormous liquidity .According to an estimate it is on average over $ 3 trillion per day. Business goes on round the clock on week days that are 24 days so there is always some trader to deal with it at any time of the day, in which ever currency one may desire. Again because the trade is global a trader can indulge himself in the forex trade with those residing in any other part of the world.

The forex trade may be taken as a full time or a part time business:

Another advantage of this business is that unlike other trades on does not have to initiate it blindly. There are May sources of useful information available to a trader which can guide a new trader and become a cause of his success. Any one with some knowledge about the forex trade can begin the business with the help of automatic trading robots.

However, forex trading is not as easy as it seems to be. Like any other business the risk factor is always there and people investing in the foreign exchange currency market may end up as great failures and may lose a lot of money because of their meager knowledge about the strategies of the forex trade. More so because of the nature of this trade is such that it is mostly based on speculation. an expert advisor in the shape of a forex trading robot is the only help in the given circumstances, but the search for the best of its kind is another problem for there are many trading robots, all claiming to be the best. If one is lucky enough he would lay hands at the right type can be successful otherwise his capital investment goes to the winds.

All the time the trader has to determine the overall trend of the currency market .he has to know when to sell and when to buy the currency with respect to the market conditions. He must also realize that the time period for holding the currency and know when to sell it. All this require skill, experience, mental discipline that is psychological make up and money management on the part of the trader. Those who give in to stress, may misjudge the timing and end up in failures due to their own apprehensions, fear or greed.

There is no single market for the forex trade. The business is under no restriction and can float from one region to another all over the globe. As a result a number of exchange rates evolve .it is not possible for any trader to monitor each currency all the time. The trader must have some knowledge about economics and currency fluctuation rates. The increase and decrease may occur consistently for nothing is of a permanent value in the currency market. The trader must also know the basic trading terminology as well as the various currencies rated of different rates.

To conclude, it is justifiable to submit that in this world of constant inflation, people are in need of more and more money. they are on the look out for sources of income both full and part time and on-line earning through forex trade is a good solution to the problem but there are many skills involved and the traders needs a handful of experience and knowledge before he can benefit from this trade. Thus forex trade may give a real hard time to a layman.

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