Great Ideas – Generate Them

Thomas Edison held the world’s record of 1093 patents for many years. He is most noted for inventing the light bulb. While working to improve the efficiency of a telegraph transmitter, Edison’s first invention was the tin foil phonograph. Other inventions include cellophane tape, waxed paper, an improved version of the typewriter keyboard, and “the electric pencil,” a forerunner to the fax machine.

Fortuitously, Edison said that great ideas originate in the muscles. Great ideas originating in the muscles means, that if we move our bodies, our body’s energy flows more efficiently. The movement and increased blood flow occurs in every cell of the body, including the brain, from which clever ideas originate.

It is astonishing to note that since his passing in 1931, seventy-nine years ago, only one inventor has surpassed his patent record. Donald Weder, Highland, Ill, whose family owns a floral packaging company, has used his great ideas to invent better flower arrangement packaging. He is credited with 1,321 patents, almost all for the florist industry. His patent titles include,  inventor ideas“Method of covering a flower pot,” and “Method of covering a flower pot or floral grouping.”

This fact stirs the curious mind to wonder if humans have become complacent and sedentary. Thus, our brain is deprived of oxygen and therefore creative juices are flowing less effectively. When we move our bodies we increase blood flow and we create a pathway for creative ideas to flow into being.

Pause for a moment and ponder. What creative ideas might flow from my mind? What things would I accomplish? It is okay to have great ideas even though it would not become a patented item. One idea could change your life or make a difference. One idea could solve an issue that heretofore is an inconvenience.inventor ideas

Today make a commitment to prompt your blood to flow more efficiently. Start with three big stretches. Do five sit-ups, or five jumping jacks, jump rope, walk briskly in place or in nice weather walk outside. Then, notice what transpires with your thinking.

Whatever you experience you will know you created it for yourself. Right now commit to moving your muscles and generate great ideas.



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