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Outdoor Wicker Furniture – 2010 Season

Outdoor wicker furniture is still very much in fashion. In 2010, many outdoor collections are featuring wicker articles proving that this timeless design is here to stay.

Mixed materials

Each year designers get progressively brave and mix materials more to create products that are All Weather Wicker Furniture both diverse and unique. We have seen wicker paired with stainless steel, wood and concrete and are likely to see even more distinction in the products that are combined in 2010. What is emerging is the trend of mixing not only materials in the product but also materials in the weave. Contrasting colours woven together create dynamic patterns and striking new contours on older designs.


Bench seating became progressively more popular towards the end of 2009 and is continuing to grow in 2010. Possibly this is due to the fact that benches do not limit the amount of people that can sit on them. They are a lovely alternative to the casual dinging setting and a divine option for afternoon sundowners. Benches also highlight beautiful, yet forgotten spots in a garden and create a spot of pleasure where there was merely a plant pot with a view. Whatever the reason or intention, the trend has inspired designers to come up with new and creative ways to present the concept. These include benches with and without backs and arms and even ones with built in sun shades.

All weather wicker

In 2010 there is no need to buy wicker furniture that is high maintenance. Technological advancements have ensured that one can buy  products that are pre-treated to withstand any weather conditions. In 2010 one is likely to see even more advancements in this field. Of course certain fibres are naturally weather resistant, but movements towards ecoline coatings and life extending lacquers are more and more prominent, extending the life of the wicker products.

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