Reasons That Pepper Spray is So Effective

Pepper spray is an excellent personal protection product that you should consider for self defense. It works in a special way that is not lethal but disabling,

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 causing you to choke, gasp for air, be blinded, and more. Something like this could essentially save your life if you are ever approached by an attacker.One of the biggest reasons that pepper spray is so popular is because it is really easy to use. There is not a learning curve to figure it out. All you have to do is turn the safety lever with your thumb and push the button down while holding the bottle facing the assailant.Another reason pepper spray is so popular is because of the effectiveness. People love the fact that they can be several feet away from the attacker and still be able to use it to disable them. This means the attacker won’t get close enough to possibly hurt you in some way before you can get away.Pepper spray works by the use of an ingredient called oleoresin capsicum, or OC. This ingredient comes from cayenne pepper. The way that the pepper spray is Lost Mary measured in hotness is by the SHU, which is the scoville heat units. The SHU of a jalapeno pepper is 5000, a habanero pepper is 300,000, and a container of pepper spray has a heat measurement of around 2 million!The way that pepper spray works is that it does many things. The attacker will experience shortness of breath. He or she may not be able to see because of the excessive tearing. The eyes will begin to shut down and the person will experience temporary blindness. Coughing will occur, choking, and the person will probably scream. A person will not die from a shot in the face because it is not lethal.The stopping power of pepper spray is so effective because it takes the breath away and causes a person to choke. It also immediately begins to burn and irritate the skin and blind the person in the eyes. Most of the sprays can be used from approximately 6 feet to 12 feet. Some actually work almost up to 20 feet. These are the new gel sprays. When choosing pepper spray products and you don’t have a good aim then you may consider a product that works as a fogger. This will get a wider target and allow you to run. One thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to spray yourself or you will be lying next to the assailant.Pepper spray is extremely effective because you are using a spray made from cayenne peppers. The solution will cause your attacker to gasp for air and choke while they are blinded. Keep in mind that these effects are only temporary and they are not permanent. The product is easy to use and it is extremely effective. Most people are affected by pepper spray. A canister of this stuff may save your life one day by deterring an attacker.

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