Season 4 of What We Do in the Shadows has come to an end, and the Staten Island vampires called way too much attention to themselves with their vampire clud, introduced us to Baby Colin Robinson (Mark Proksch), and ruined their mansion via the faux home makeover reality series, Go Flip Yourself. In the fourth season finale, “Sunrise, Sunset,” the whole cast of characters including Colin, Nandor (Kayvan Novak), Laszlo (Matt Berry), Nadja (Natasia Demetriou), and the most patient Familiar ever, Guillermo (Harvey Guillén), all had a bit of a reset which means anything can happen in Season 5.

Simms: And that came straight from my son Charlie. The thing I do like about “Guess what?” is the final time he says it is when he’s a teenager and he’s yelling as Laszlo when he goes, “Laszlo, guess what? I hate you!” [Laughs.]The season finale, “Sunrise, Sunset,” uses the classic Fiddler on the Roof song to bookend the episode. Was that a musician Matt Berry suggestion or was it a writers’ room idea?

Simms: There was an element of desperation because we write all nine episodes before we start a season and we don’t write the 10th one until it’s absolutely due. I was just thinking about the idea of kids growing up and what happened to them. It really was me trying to make the other writers laugh when they read the script. And then Matt did such a great job doing it very poignantly. Another thing that I just did to see if I could make the other writers laugh and then I loved the final result, is in the closing credits having the whole cast singing the song, which is just very expensive and very silly. You can watch free movies and also you can download seasons like what we do in the shadows season 4 on 4khotvideo.

Simms: There’s another phase coming up. The next season which we start shooting in 10 days, a lot of it for Nadja is about recovering from how out of control she got running the nightclub. When we thought of the nightclub story, we did think we wanted to follow the traditional arc that this is gonna be a fun thing. And then there’s a little substance abuse and overindulgence. And by the end, the person has driven themselves mad and is making terrible decisions. Next season is Nadja trying to get back on track.

Did Laszlo’s parenting season have any lasting change on the old man? Did Matt ask for something life-changing?

With Nandor’s failed relationship arc, did he come out of that learning anything?

Simms: I don’t think Nandor learned anything. I think he thought getting married would solve his problems. And then he thought using wishes to tweak his wife, each little wish would make somehow make her more perfect. Then he stole Guillermo’s boyfriend and his own weird way, and then he put him on a train. And I but I don’t think he learned anything. [Laughs.]

What about the big cliffhanger of Guillermo paying Derek the vampire to turn him. Why was now the right time to have him go that route?

Simms: A lot of this season was about Guillermo taking matters into his own hands, including stealing from the nightclub. It was about him sort of taking control of his life, in his own way. In a very mild way having his family over for dinner is starting to put his  own life first. He’s always such a cautious character it felt interesting to end with him making a very rash decision.

Closing up the season, can you pinpoint your personal highlights?

Simms: I shouldn’t brag, but there are so many things I’m proud of this season. This might be my favorite season. Technically, we pulled off the baby Colin. Even the day before we started shooting, we weren’t sure if it was going to work. If it hadn’t worked, we had a whole season of stuff that wouldn’t work, so that was good. “The Night Market” episode was our biggest, wildest, grand production ever. And then “The Go Flip Yourself” episode that was so conceptual, and we spent so much time in editing trying to duplicate every little detail of those kinds of shows, I thought was really fun.

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